Osceola Cheese Company
3700 NE Hwy 13
Osceola, MO 64776

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At Osceola Cheese we take pride in providing the customer with the finest products around. Our product list includes the following: meats, crunchy snacks, souvenirs, fresh nuts, Watkins products, Soup Mixes, Pancake Mixes, Dressings and Sauces, and last, But not least....CHEESE...and a whole lot of it.


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    417.646.8131 or 417.646.2396
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    Osceola Cheese Company
    3700 NE Hwy 13
    Osceola, MO 64776

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Welcome to Osceola Cheese.... A little bit about us.

Established in 1944, Osceola Cheese, Company originated in downtown Osceola for what is now City Hall, and was then called Riverview Cheese. In 1946 there was a new building built on the north side of the river to help facilitate the growth of the cheese plant. It continued to grow and at one time was using over a thousand dairy farms to help supply the company with milk. At that time there were 15 trucks on the roads 24 hours a day collecting the milk from the dairy farmers.

In the mid sixties there was talk of Truman Lake, and many other changes were occurring in the area too, the cheese company started making plans to move up on the hill.


In 1968 when Truman Lake started to develop they moved the cheese company up to the present location and changed the name of the company to Osceola Cheese and became a retail outlet.


In the 70's a car wash was added and then shortly after that a gas station was also added. In 1987 the company expanded again and the Ewe's In The Country gift shop was established.


We have continually grown and expanded the operation over the last few years to help facilitate all the bus traffic that has occurred since the big boom of Branson. The company now has over 80 flavors of cheeses, many souvenir items, a lovely gift and Christian bookstore, 8 public restrooms, and a two acre parking lot for the customers convenience.


Meet The Crew.....

At Osceola Cheese Company, we take pride in each and every order no matter how big or small, using only the top quality cheeses you expect from us.


Stop by and see us if you are in our area, we always enjoy meeting our mail order customers that we can only deal with over the phone or through the mail. We're located about half way between Kansas City & Springfield, Missouri on 13 highway at the northern edge of the Ozarks (click here for a map). Truman lake is at our back door if you like to camp, fish, ski, or swim.


We're open seven days a week, year round (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas). Besides sampling over 80 cheeses you can browse around in our adjoining "Ewe's In The Country" gift shop. It is a Christian book store & fine gift center filled with many wonderful gifts including a full line of "Precious Moments" figurines.


We look forward to seeing you soon!